why me?

why me?

what did i do to deserve this tradegy

was it the way i talked

or looked at  u

or maybe its the way i didnt treat you

were we meant to be?

bc in my mind thats not what i see

bruises thrown in my direction

i thought you were my perfection

i thought it was me until someone reminded me it was he

pain inflicted

at every curve

police came and everything stirred

my trouble was far from over

his hands  were entangled around my neck

until shots were taken to stop my concetration

why did it have to be me to stop all my tragedy

24 April

I would vote for all sex offenders to wear an armband whenever they are out of their homes, with a notice permanently appended to the places they live and work.

I would vote that allll sex offenders be required to wear an armband in public, with a notice visibly clear to all on their places of residence and work. For multiple offenders, withhold means to continue raping in basic rights, such as terminating the freedom to vote or be equal to other Americans who don’t rape.

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I will speak up and I will make sure everyone knows that sexual violence is a problem that needs to be fixed!

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